TGIF! K-Letta wants you to Kata


You may remember K-Letta from almost a year ago on the blog. Well, he's back with a new track, "Kata", that pays homage to the old school song that you'll remember if you grew up in East Africa: "Kata, kata, kata mwanangu, kata. Kata, kata usiogope … ". 

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TGIF! with Diaspora: A Global Mixtape Movement


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TGIF! Interview with singer/songwriter Amira Kheir


I'm listening to Amira Kheir's debut album, View from Somewhere, as I post this and it's just what the doctor prescribed. The Sudanese-Italian singer/songwriter's music is inspired by traditional Sudanese singing and instrumentation along with hints of jazz, soul, East African, West African and Middle Eastern music. A real pan-African global fusion that soothes and makes you want to move (a sultry, downtempo kind of groove) at the same time. I'm happy to share with you an interview with my fellow SOAS alumna …

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TGIF! with Arrested Development

Arrested Development

Imagine how excited I was to get a shout-out from two-time Grammy award winning hip-hop group and champions of advancement and equality, Arrested Development. Their classic hit "People Everyday" will never fail to get heads nodding, hands raising and hips shaking and Arrested Development are still busy creating great music! Today, enjoy Speech's latest video, "I'ma Fight Back Right Now"

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TGIF! with Goapele: milk, honey & natural hair



Goapele* Mohlabane, born to activist parents (her South African father campaigned against apartheid), often addresses political and socio-economic change in her music. But today, something lighter from the artist (it is Friday after all). Here's the beautiful video for "Milk and Honey".

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TGIF! with Muthoni the Drummer Queen


"Welcome To The Disco" is the first track off Muthoni the Drummer Queen's upcoming EP that will be released by Africa Unsigned. The song is written by the ladies behind Blankets & Wine, Muthoni the Drummer Queen herself and Sandra 'The Sapient One' Chege.

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TGIF! with Mpho


Today, grab a listen to the versatile Mpho Skeef.

“My music has many different influences and it comes from where I am from which is cross-cultural. I was born in South Africa and I was brought up with a lot of South African music. At school I was into Prince, Michael Jackson and later bashment and hip hop. I have been to all of these different places musically and they all inform what I do now.”
— Mpho (in this liveDEMO article)

Here's Mpho breaking stereotypes …

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