Inspired: Lupita, Creative Muse



Lupita fever has been such a colourful ride and I’m sure has challenged a lot of us to up our style game! I’ve loved her red carpet dresss (that yellow figure-hugging number with the super V-neck is a particular favourite – you know how I love yellow) but, I’ve found studio shoots such as the ones here, much more interesting. The colours, the shapes, the patterns!

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Inspired: Lalesso Fashion and Styling

Lalesso Modern African Fashion


I'm loving these photos for the Spring/Summer 2013 Lalesso Campaign. For the location ('by the ocean' is one of my favourite places to be), for the designs and for the styling! The combinations of colour, pattern and texture, acheived by the clothes and the choice of accessories, is very satisfying.

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Interview with fashion stylist & blogger, Nancie Mwai


Nancie Mwai is a young woman who's out to revolutionize Kenya's fashion industry. Her fashion blog, The Fashion Notebook, is a journal that includes: her inspiration; on-shoot sneak-peeks and post-shoot results; DIY tips and; much more. I'm currently most enjoying her own fashion adventures, e.g. what to do when you have to unexpectedly stay the night somewhere and are an outfit short – aka the chips funga outfit!

Aside from an entertaining and stylish blog, with recognition far and wide (including being featured on the MTV Style website), I'm excited to share this interview with Nancie because she's demonstrating again the rewards of following your passion. When I was growing up in Kenya, I didn't even know that being a fashion stylist was a career option, let alone being one in Kenya. Pave that way Nancie!

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