No new clothes: a story about branding and freedom

Branding and freedom aren’t two words you usually see together in a sentence. Let me tell you a story …

I used to go to job interviews in a suit. A nondescript black or navy trouser suit that was ill-fitting in so many ways. Firstly, the anatomy I’m blessed with makes finding a flattering off-the-shelf trouser suit quite difficult. Vanity aside, there I was, a young excited professional creative, going to find a job in my field, looking like an accountant!

Somewhere along the journey into adulthood, I had picked up this idea that this is how things were done. Serious situations like job interviews called for “serious” attire and, we all know that means a suit. Despite the fact that people who already worked at these places never/rarely wore suits. Despite the fact that I was largely being judged on my creativity and, we all know how your visual presentation has the power to influence decisions. My choice of clothing just didn’t make sense.

Presentation is everything

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Don’t Hire Somebody to Create Your Website – Do it Yourself in Minutes


Getting a website is pointless …

We can all agree that, if you’ve got something to share with others – be it a product, service, idea or philosophy – you need to make it accessible to your audience.

… Unless your audience lives more than 2 miles away.

I think the majority of us can also agree that, in this day and age, having some kind of online presence is a no-brainer. Especially if your product, service, idea or philosophy is one that can add value for people who may be hundreds or even thousands of miles away from where you are.

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Buy African: President for Life Boxer Shorts


It's a first on Afri-love – underwear! And not just any kind of underwear but a line of premium boxer shorts for the gentlemen who are oft-neglected when it comes to posts on this here blog. Introducing President For Life. The brainchild of Egya Appiah, a Brooklyn-based self-described "corporate lawyer by day and merchant by night". Limited edition, handmade in Ghana by old-school master tailors, with cotton sourced from one of Ghana's oldest and most renowned companies. Sure to create a pleasant surprise with their vibrant colours and prints!

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Republic of Foreigner


I recently came across Nigerian apparel brand, Republic of Foreigner and I'm really enjoying their presentation (If you've been reading my AfriApps posts, you know that good presentation is something that I passionately advocate. The content of those posts doesn't only apply to apps but to, pretty much everything).

Republic of Foreigner's 2012 Resort collection, ECHIZEN, launches this Friday. For more details of the event and their pop-up shop, go here

Afriapps post: Is your app getting noticed? Presentation is everything, part I


Check out my guest post over on Afriapps: "Is your app getting noticed? Presentation is everything, part I." Here's an excerpt:

"I judge books by their covers. It's the path I chose, as a visual communicator, and the unsettling realisation that years of experience and observation have brought me is that, presentation is often everything. I've seen mediocre ideas in shiny packaging be heralded as genius. I've seen excellent concepts not even given a second glance because, on the surface, they just weren't engaging enough … "

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