Why I became a creative professional

The beginnings of a creative professional

My earliest memory of intentionally making art is from around the age of 5 or 6. I can picture it so clearly: a family friend, Auntie Bridgitte, sitting with me at our dining table, showing me how to make interesting shapes by overlapping letters and numbers and colouring the spaces in between. I loved it! And continued to make up all kinds of creative challenges for myself until …

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My Women Change Africa Interview



I’m honoured to join the family of ‘Bosschiques’ over on Women Change Africa – a blog and brand founded on the theory that if women are celebrated, connected and cultivated, change will occur in our communities.

Women Change Africa founder, Moiyattu Banya had some great questions for me, providing an always welcome opportunity to pause, reflect and appreciate. 

Read the interview over on Women Change Africa. I love the last question and would love to hear how you’d answer it. Let me know in the comments below.

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Interview with Make-up Artist and Entrepreneur, Muthoni Njoba


If you're in need of a mid-week (or even mid-career or mid-life) pick-me-up, today's interview with professional make-up artist, Muthoni Njoba, may do just the trick. It is possibly one of the most inspiring interviews I've posted on Afri-love yet.  

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There are many ways to get to Mombasa and so many stories to tell


Alternative stories – this has been a recurring theme for me in the past few days. After posting an interview with Ann, aka Afrolicious, whose passion lies ultimately in teaching people to listen and to be heard, I wanted to get some thoughts out in keeping with the spirit of this.

I've been ingesting Western culture all my life, despite growing up in Kenya, and starting this blog is just one reaction to that. One attempt to explore a different story. Being that I share my personal observations, experiences and thoughts – the exploration actually explores several different stories, informed by all aspects of my identity: 
Business owner
Natural hair wearer
Idealist … and so on.

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The Afri-love philosophy

Love is vital to growth and actualization. 

Imagine Africans who love who they are, as they are, and so love each other and the environment that nurtures them. Confident and assertive, they are engaged in charting their growth and celebrating success as defined on their own terms.

Imagine all who are inspirited by Africa – all whose lives and hearts have been touched by the spirit of the continent – sharing their passion through collaboration, in the name of mutual empowerment.

Imagine all starting by looking inside themselves. Self-discovery, self-awareness, self-love and self-respect. And then true learning, understanding, love and respect of the other. Harnessing the power of emotion to influence great positive change.

This website is a place to document a growing idea. One that will be shaped by all who interact with, interrogate and contribute to it. Through facilitating a platform for commentary, stories, interviews, ideas for action, shared resources, reviews, news, art and much more, Afri-love hopes to become a community of creativity, knowledge, passion and ideas.

Be proud. Be inspired. Spread love. Grow.