How does Africa inspire you? My 10 favourite interview responses to date

Over the last year, I've had the privilege to interview 21 passionate, talented and inspiring people whose vision and work embodies the Afri-love spirit. All of them reminded me of the value in doing what you love. I hope that they've given you encouragement, opened your eyes to new possibilities and that you've discovered new music, art and ideas in the process. My favourite question to ask is, "how does Africa inspire you?" It was a difficult decision but here are 10 of my favourite responses.


"Africa is who I am and it's Africa that raised me – the rest of the world just barely touched me. So everything that flows out of me is Africa – whether its basic components look or do not look overtly or stereotypically African." 

— The Design Director of Ihsani Culture, Kenya-based

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Quote of the week & last week in review


"I am not African because I was born in Africa but because Africa was born in me."

Kwame Nkrumah

I'm currently stuck in an airport hotel, after my flight yesterday was cancelled. Still, I am super excited because, I am going home! I am looking forward to family (including little ones I haven't yet met), sun (all 30 degrees of it) and that feeling of groundedness that is elusive everywhere else. 

I look forward to meeting in person, a bunch of interesting and inspiring people who I've virtually met along this Afri-love journey. Including some who've shared their passions in interviews. And I look forward to sharing some juicy discoveries and insights "from the ground". 

Nkrumah's quote is especially poignant for me today, as I sit here in anticipation. He captures so well, that hard-to-describe feeling that I've resorted to referring to as … Afri-love.


Last week on the blog


Here is a recap, in case you missed anything:


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Nkrumah Times cover found via Photo copyright Kameelah Rasheed.





Interview with artist, photographer & writer, Kameelah Rasheed


Today I'm really happy to bring you this interview with artist, documentary photographer, writer and youth educator, Kameelah Rasheed. Along with participating in several groups exhibitions across the US and having her photography and writing featured in a number of print and online publications, Kameelah is also the co-founder of Mambu Badu, a photography collective for emerging female photographers of African descent.

Here, Kameelah discusses her ambitions, the challenge of perfectionism and the power of storytelling. I am super inspired by this driven woman!

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