The Soulful Branding Challenge

Find your voice and deliver your magic.

Are you rethinking your business and your brand? 
Do you feel like the people you want to serve don’t even know you exist?
Do you feel stuck?

I’ve been there. 

For years, I felt that there was a certain way I should present myself and my business. I attracted projects I didn’t resonate with and didn’t really want to work on. My true gifts couldn’t shine. I held back on what I really wanted to bring to the world. 

In the end, I lost the joy for what I do.

Then I reached a turning point.

I realised that how I presented myself to the world needed to reflect me, in order to stand out from the crowd and identify and connect with the right clients/customers. I began to understand that this would enable me to do more of the type of work I wanted to do and create more of the value I wanted to bring to others.

I put this into practice and things began to change! I attracted my dream clients; I grew a like-minded audience, I felt confident in my pricing; I received opportunities to speak and lead workshops at prestigious international venues such as the Southbank Centre and the V&A Museum in London; and I became a go-to person in my niche.

I will show you how to do this for your business

I created the Soulful Branding Challenge online course to:
  • Help you appreciate the power of tapping into emotion in business. Many of us grew up believing there is no place for feelings when it comes to work! Now it’s about helping people to connect with your business on an emotional level.

  • Get you clear about what you want to be known for. To find your unique voice and be confident in owning it.

  • Get you crystal clear on who’s ready for what you have to give. Defining your tribe so you know where to reach them and how to truly connect with them.

  • Build your confidence about why you’re the perfect match for your ideal clients/customers. You’ll get to explore your market landscape, understand who your peers are (and why they’re not actually competition) and discover how to enjoy mutually beneficial, collaborative opportunities with them.

  • Put all these things into a workable action plan to up-level your brand and business! You’ll know how to deliver your message, to your people, in a way that is aligned with who you are. You’ll connect with your tribe and give them the special something that only you can. 

    I’m passionate about inspiring people to harness their creativity in building businesses that make their hearts sing.

    And when you’re vibrating on that level, it will resonate with your tribe.

    You can feel comfortable being yourself in business. Your branding can feel authentic. You can be confident you’re speaking to the right people, in the right way. You can experience ease and enjoyment when engaging with your audience.

    You can wake up each day excited to work on your business and to connect and grow with your tribe.

You can feel unstoppable.

In the past 15 years, I’ve worked on over 100 branding projects with all kinds of organisations and individuals all over the world. From international non-profits to museums, to creative professionals and wellness practitioners. The Soulful Branding Challenge is inspired and informed by these experiences.

Do you feel the need to clarify your voice and be more intentional about the message you convey with your brand?
Are you shying away from getting your business out there?
Are you questioning whether this business is ever going to be everything you thought it could be?

During the Soulful Branding Challenge, you’ll look inwards to figure out the way forward. 

The lessons will give you inspiration, tools and space to unlock ideas.

You can look forward to:

  • Becoming part of a community of like-minded, positive soulpreneurs, from around the world

  • 5 weeks of lessons, including written and audio material

  • PDF downloads to help you reflect, explore and strategise

  • Fun ways to tune into your creativity (you’ll learn how to use Pinterest and Instagram to this end)

  • A weekly real-time online lesson with Lulu, with the opportunity to have your questions answered

  • A dedicated Facebook group

  • Daily emails with inspiration and ideas

  • On-demand access to lessons so that you can return to them whenever you like, forever!

Please note that you will not be working on visual design during this course. You will work on the foundation that will enable you to create and/or commission good, appropriate and effective design, copy and communications materials.

“I expected it to be quite difficult, considering that my formal education was not creative as such. Instead I’m finding it enjoyable. Therapeutic even.”

I truly believe that our heart-centered businesses should be fun to run and so I embrace the power of creativity to make this process exciting and enjoyable. Coming up with ideas turns me on and through the weekly webinars and private Facebook community, I’ll share plenty that are tailored to your business. 

Past participants have described the challenge as special, intimate, personal, thought-provoking, revealing, therapeutic, alive and indeed, soulful. And not to forget – enjoyable. After all, I believe that finding your voice should be fun.


“I joined this course because I was starting my business but had no idea how to communicate about it. I felt there were two main outcomes. 1. the course triggered a great creative process that has helped my business beyond branding, it unlocked my creativity to create content; 2. the course gave me practical skills to define the voice of my business and how to go about communicating in a meaningful way. At all points, I felt supported by Lulu who surely does know how to be successful in business while staying true to her heart.”

— Amélie, Life Coach, Kenya (Alive with Amelie)



KES: 13,350
GBP: 102
USD: 132 (approximately)

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“Lulu’s Soulful Branding Challenge is one of the most useful things I have ever done. She asks questions about the core of you and your brand that I haven’t been asked before, but which I think are fundamental to defining the outward face of your brand. A highly interesting and insightful challenge, which I will apply time and time again, just to stay fresh, curious and in evolution.”

— Ann McCreath, Founder KikoRomeo and FAFA, Kenya

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“This challenge was mind-opening. Everything about it sang of potential, abundance & love.”

— Crystal Antoinette Graham, Crystal’s Big Idea, United States.

“Lulu, you’ve made this soul searching challenge fun and extremely useful. It has helped my immediate work as well as given me the structure I need to look further ahead. Thank you so much!”

— Elizabeth Isitor Photography

“The Soul Branding challenge was a delight to complete. The daily challenges asked insightful questions that made me dig deep and come up with a visual picture of my future business that appeals to my soul. I got a lot out of this challenge and I recommend it to anyone that is looking to add more personality and soul to their existing or future business.”

— Aminah Husain

“Used to look at my brand through rose colored glasses. Thanks to the soulful branding challenge, looking at it with a new set of eyes.”

— Manciny Mìgwí….Founder…. Manciny…Nairobi KE

“Lulu is an incredible coach-fun, engaging but also deeply knowledgable. She encourages you to dig deep and to start in a place we often overlook-how we feel/want to feel engaging our big visions.”

— Jessica Horn, @stillsherises

“The soulful branding challenge is highly recommended. It gave me lots of inspiration and new ideas for my business.”

— Yvonne, Pregnancy Birth & Beyond

“It was a simple and effective way to teach people about the heart ad soul of branding. It is okay to put your soul into what you do is the message that came through because that is what people will identify with.”

— Belinda Otas

“The Soulful Branding course is a great refresher on branding in a wholesome and clear way. The course has helped me figure out my next steps in a logical and clear path without feeling like I’m taking too much on board.”

— Nepurko

About Lulu


I’m Lulu Kitololo, founder of an art and design business, Lulu Kitololo Studio. In the past 15 years, I’ve worked on over 100 branding projects with various types of clients including international NGOs, women’s rights organisations, museums, film festivals, fashion brands, theatre companies and more.

Along with offering branding and illustration services to clients, I produce a line of stationery and lifestyle products, featuring my signature illustration style. I was featured on KCB Lion’s Den in October 2018, where I secured investment and mentorship from Joanne Mwangi.

I co-run the Afri-love Connection Club – a network where female founders come together to transform their businesses and their lives.

I’m also founder of Afri-love Fest, a festival celebrating creativity which, had a successful debut in November 2018.

I earned a BFA in Communications Design from Pratt Institute in New York and an MA in African Studies from SOAS, University of London.

I love discovery – learning, travel… and creating – writing, using my hands, coming up with ideas… I enjoys simple things like swimming in the ocean and lying in the grass, and moving my body with yoga and dance. I also aspire to earn a martial arts black belt – watch out now!