9 ways to leverage creativity in business

Leveraging Creativity in Business

Creativity has the power to change the world in all kinds of positive ways and helping us establish thriving businesses is one of them. 

Businesses that are sustainable in all aspects of the word – positively impacting our wellbeing; our communities and our environment. 

Unfortunately, creativity is still largely undervalued in our society. How many times has somebody asked me to “just give” them some ideas, without appreciating that my ideas are the most valuable thing I have to offer. My products and services are merely vehicles for the delivery of my ideas.

I very randomly stumbled upon this blog post which affirms the value of ideas. That ideas are the path to lasting wealth.

On that note, I’ve created a round-up of posts I’ve written in the past year or so, to help you leverage creativity in your business, whether you consider yourself to be a creative person or not.

There’s plenty here so, take what you need and leave the rest.

9 ways to leverage creativity in business


Take yourself seriously

Personal growth is a requisite for successfully pursuing your dreams and business goals. That’s why I view taking yourself seriously as the most important creative project you’ll ever undertake. Here are 9 signs you’re not taking yourself seriously. (Incidentally, my all-time most-liked Instagram post!).

Leverage Creativity in Business: Think Holistically
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Think holistically 

Simply put: a more creative life = more creativity in your business. So in leveraging creativity in your business, it’s important to consider the bigger picture. Here are 3 creative paths to a richer life

Create the necessary conditions

As people of action, I know you like practical steps! So how do we create better conditions for creativity to visit and thrive? I’ve outlined 5 concrete things you can incorporate into your life, including plenty of resources. Get them here.

Leveraging Creativity in Business: Get Clear About Who You Are

Get clear about who you are

In my over 15 years of being a creative professional, one truth is proven again and again: creativity thrives on clarity. Have you considered how your personal brand sets the tone for your business brand? Are you clear on your personal brand? Walk through these 9 key elements of a stellar personal brand.


Package your magic

Let me start by clarifying what I mean by magic: it’s a combination of what you deliver and how you deliver it. That combo that nobody else can ever replicate! There are so many ways we can package our expertise, products, services and experiences. Here are 31 ideas – opportunities to get creative and shine.


Do less

I’m currently in the process of putting this advice in action myself! It’s especially difficult for multi-passionate people who are always full of ideas. However, it’s critical to maximising on your creativity and creating ease and abundance. One way to streamline your activities is to really interrogate everything you’re trying to do. I created 9 questions to help you do this.

Anchor your output in key themes

Whether it’s social media content, articles, events or even products and services, one way to really push your creativity and imagination is to limit yourself with “rules”. It might sound counterintuitive but, trust me – it’s liberating. Discover my themes strategy and how it’s helped me to grow my business.

 Leveraging Creativity in Business: Use your Content

Use your content

Let your creativity be expressed through the content you create for your business. Remember: content is critical in creating and nurturing relationships with your customers – be they past, present and future!

Here are 9 strategies to help you think about your content more creatively.

Leveraging Creativity in Business: Plan


Not the sexiest-sounding suggestion but, trust me, when you embrace planning – when you do it, follow-through and see results –  it can be one of the most exciting activities in life! :). Creating structure unleashes massive creativity. Here are some tips for planning for excellence.

Shop tools!

Leveraging Creativity in Business: Tools 

Speaking of planning, I’ve created several tools to help you, that are pleasing to look at too! They include our Creative Confidence Planner, a perpetual calendar and plenty of notebooks

You can shop online (worldwide delivery) or at our studio in Nairobi (details here).

How are you leveraging creativity in business?

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