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Foundations for Freedom - Take your creativity seriously

Wondering how to take your creativity seriously? Well first, you need to take yourself seriously. And judging by the overwhelming response to my post “9 signs you’re not taking yourself seriously,” it’s clear that many of us aren’t! 

As I reminded a member of my Afri-love Women community, who shared that the post had made her cry: sometimes we have to breakdown in order to breakthrough. 

Once the realisation has sunk in, we often just need the right tools and the support and accountability that comes from being in a like-minded community. I’ve got you on both fronts! 

Let’s begin with the tools

Foundations for Freedom: how to take yourself – and your creativity – seriously

One thing I’ve realised in 10 years of running my creative business: personal growth is a requisite for successfully pursuing your dreams.

It still amazes me how a series of simple changes can make such a profound positive difference in our lives. 

That’s why I put together a free email course – Foundations for Freedom – to share with you the simple changes that have worked for me, over the course of 25 days.

Here’s a snippet of the foundations (don’t forget to sign up for the free course, to get all the tips, resources, exercises and inspiration).

This is how you realise the life of your dreams

With something that should really be a subject of its own in school. Something that we may have convinced ourselves is a drag when actually, it’s the key to the liberation we say we desire!

Can you guess?


That’s where the course begins and we look at:

  1. Determining your goals and shaping them in a way that leads to success
  2. Breaking them down so you can actually move forward
  3. How to create space to follow-through with action
  4. Ensuring goals are central in your life

Telling new stories

Our mindset is perhaps the most intangible piece in how to take your creativity seriously (and your life!), but the one that will truly unlock everything for you.

In this part of the course, I share tools for you to transcend your past and present realities and create new stories that support the person you want to be.

Creating space and synergy

Once you’re clear about your goals and the person you need to be, in order to achieve them, you need to ensure you’re creating conditions that are conducive for the journey. 

Being your best self and creating your dream life is dependent on paying attention to your energy and your wellbeing (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial – all of it!).

In this part of the course, I share tips for:

  1. Decluttering various aspects of your life
  2. Working on your goals in a holistic way

Mastering your focus is mastering your time

In order to work on how to take your creativity seriously, you’re going to time. Intentional, uninterrupted, focused time. 

In this part of the course, I share practical tips, that I follow myself, to manage my focus, manage my time and get the important things done.

Getting better friends

Harsh truths are necessary when it’s time to get serious!

You’re not just the average of the five people you spend most time with. Studies suggest you’re the average of your entire wider network!

It’s not just about what your friends are like but also, what their friends are like and so on.

So what is your network normalising? Complacency and mediocrity… or excellence?

Are the people around you inspiring you, stretching you, challenging you to be better?

Or are they draining you, distracting you or belittling your desires?

In this part of the course, I share 4 straight-forward actions you can take, to elevate the company you keep.

Counting on it

This part of the course is all about getting comfortable with our value (it’s high!) and getting intimate with our numbers. 

I don’t buy into any of that nonsense about creatives not being good with numbers. It’s not okay for us to be up in the sky with grand ideas, without simultaneously grounding ourselves in the reality that numbers provide.

Find out exactly what kind of numbers I’m talking about; find out what people are really buying into, when it comes to your creativity; and surprise yourself with the outcomes of the exercise I set.

Embracing your revolution

“Revolution” is a grand word and taking yourself – and your creativity – seriously is an act fitting of this label.

The patriarchal world we live in is designed to keep us in a state of complacency. That’s why this whole mission is such a struggle. There is more out there that supports us playing small than there is encouraging us to shine. 

Worse so if you’re a minority of any description.

But you, creative one, have a tool you haven’t even grasped the full power of. 

In this part of the course, we’re going to explore just how you can start to do that.

Not losing sight

The course ends with me sharing a final tool to ensure you don’t lose sight of where you’re headed and proactively keep the momentum going. 

This is not a silver bullet – it’s going to take work and commitment! I know that’s not a problem for you …

You are the one you’ve been waiting for!

It’s true. YOU are the one who will live with the consequences of staying stuck. 

It’s also you who can turn everything around. So what are you waiting for? Start the email course right now.

How do you take your creativity seriously?

Let me know in the comments below.

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