Cuban colour palettes

Cuban colour palette inspiration

Cuba is a place I’d dreamt of visiting, for decades! I finally went to Havana last year (thanks to one of my dearest friends, Vivian) and the creative inspiration did not disappoint!

I was constantly taking pictures of anything and everything – including ceiling fans, textured walls, floor tiles, signage and more!


I have to say the experience was bittersweet. Talking to some local residents, you get to appreciate that the idyllic picture some of us may have of the country is different to the tough reality many Cubans are living through. This blogger talks about some of these things in her post about how her trip taught her to be a more conscious traveller.

How I pick colours for projects

But this post is about inspiration. I share some of my favourite photos from the trip, and the colour palettes they’ve inspired.

This is often how I get colour inspiration for my work. I draw hues from photographs that sing to me. I have a board on Pinterest, just for that purpose. When I come across an image whose colours instantly give me a rush, I pin them to the board. Sooner or later, I’ll recall them as just the perfect combination for something I’m working on.

Cuban colour palettes

I think often when you think of Cuban colour palettes, you imagine vibrant colours. I’ve tried to present something different which speaks to the bittersweet reality mentioned above. These palettes are full of stories that scratch, perhaps a little bit deeper than the surface of things. Also, I only visited Havana and its close environs, so this is just one small slice of the picture…

Cuban colour palette inspiration: Havana rooftops

Cuban colour palette inspiration: Havana walls

Cuban colour palette inspiration: Havana tilesCuban colour palette inspiration: Old town Havana ceilingCuban colour palette inspiration: Habana Vieja signage typographyCuban colour palette inspiration: Habana Vieja streets

Which places have fed your creative inspiration?

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