On excellence (10 years of Afri-love)

Afri-love is 10 January Excellence

It feels like life until this point has been a rehearsal for 2020. You know, all the attempts, all the experiments, all the disappointments, all the failures. All a process of refinement, leading up to excellence.

Many people I speak to have walked into this new year with a confidence that they’re finally onto a winning formula. Whether that’s with regards to work, life or a way to negotiate both, without compromising the other.

I certainly feel like that myself. When I consider it’s been 10 years of self-employment for me, perhaps it’s because I’ve finally hit that 10,000 hour mark (have you read Outliers?)!

I am pumped for a year of excellence!

10 years of Afri-love

2020 also marks the 10 year anniversary of Afri-love. A platform that began as a place to celebrate African creative excellence and all that it inspires.

In these 10 years, Afri-love has grown into a few other entities, with this same spirit of creativity and excellence at their core.

The Afri-love Women online community – for women as passionate about professional excellence as they are self-care.

The Afri-love Connection Club – supporting female founders in transforming their businesses and their lives.

Afri-love Fest – showcasing the most innovative East African design and inviting visitors to explore their creative side in exciting hands-on ways.

Be proud. Be inspired

From day one, the Afri-love tagline has been “Be proud. Be inspired.”

I still believe today, as I did then, that putting a spotlight on African creative excellence reminds us of the richness of our heritage – and the potential of our present. Reasons for us to respect and celebrate who we are and where we come from. A boost to our individual and collective self-esteem.

A year-long celebration

In 2020, we’ll be celebrating these past 10 years. So much good has come out of this Afri-love adventure, including such wonderful: community, connections, collaborations and other opportunities for growth and success.

We’ve got several things planned for you! Each month, we’ll be focusing on a different theme that relates to the Afri-love philosophy. You can expect useful resources, events and other treats.

Our mailing list subscribers will get the most of all of this so, if you’re not signed up yet, you can do so here.

Without further ado, January is all about: excellence!

First off, if you’re in Nairobi or Mombasa, we have some Afri-love Connection Club vision-boarding and goal-setting workshops coming up this month. Participants from our 2019 sessions have used words like “transformational” to describe the events they attended. Join us to set yourself up for excellence!

Secondly, join the Afri-love Women online community and enjoy a monthly live video with my personal stories about the respective theme and practical tips that have worked for me and others.

Thirdly, join my mailing list and download the month’s freebie mobile wallpaper to inspire some daily (hourly?) excellence! It’s coming out soon and is exclusive to subscribers so, don’t miss out!

Resources on excellence

Last but not least, here are some other resources on the subject of excellence that I’ve enjoyed over the years:

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