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Afri-love Connection Club Founders Danielle Lulu

The Afri-love Connection Club is one of the highlights of my inadvertent “year of yes” (I finally read the Shonda Rhimes book this Christmas and it was a revelation!).

In May 2018, my friend and business BFF, Danielle Anderson of Step and Stone, launched the Afri-love Connection Club – a place for female founders to come together to transform their business and their lives.

We really had no idea what to expect when we began. Initially hoping for 15 members, within one day of launching, we had way more applicants than that! We had dreams but, would other women buy into them?

The short answer is YES! Here’s what we accomplished in our first 7 months of the Afri-love Connection Club…

The Afri-love Connection Club in 2018

Afri-love Connection Club Female Founders

  • Members we’ve welcomed
    42 women, across Nairobi and Mombasa, joined us on this incredible journey! They represent many types of businesses – from one-woman shops to regional NGOs; different ages – from startup stage to long-standing family businesses; from a variety of different local and international backgrounds.
  • Content we’ve explored
    Each month we explored something different.For our learning lunches, we taught our members about vision-setting; PR & marketing for your business; and list-building strategies.During our talking lunches, we identified issues of concern for entrepreneurs and brought together our varied perspectives for discussion. Thus, our topics included overcoming a scarcity mindset when it comes to money; how to identify and avoid burnout; and how to consider the year behind us to celebrate our accomplishments and learn from our failures.Our doing lunches covered identifying your ideal customer/client and planning how to reach and engage them effectively; and planning something we often ignore but, that is increasingly crucial for our businesses – content creation.


  • The moments we’ve shared!
    At the Afri-love Connection Club, we recognise that in order for business to survive and thrive, we have to also look after the woman who is responsible for it all. We cannot give from an empty vessel! That’s why self-care is a non-negotiable for us. Our self-care events took many different forms: from journal-making, paper crafts and knitting; walks in nature and discovering hidden gems in Nairobi; and finally with a big celebration to end off the year.Each of these events has been, not only an opportunity to take time out for ourselves to recharge, but has also helped us to deepen the bonds within our community of likeminded female founders.

We’re so grateful for your contribution to all of this! Your membership; attending our workshops or self-care events; signing up to the Afri-love Connection Club mailing list; your comments and words of encouragement. All of it!

We’d love to keep the love flowing around which, brings us to…

The Afri-love Connection Club in 2019

  • New members
    Applications are open for our next intake, with meetings starting early this August. We’re looking forward to another quarter of new (and continued) connections, new learning and new strategy! Afri-love Connection Club Self Care Event
  • Monthly support for your business and life
    We’ve planned some great content for our business meetings and some exciting experiences for our monthly self-care events. Find out upcoming self-care events here.
  • Workshops for wherever you are in your journey
    We have several workshop plans in progress. For those who attended “Passion + Profit: Aligned”, there’ll be more in that format but also, day-long opportunities to learn and plan for your business. 
  • Your most productive getaway
    Later this year, we’ll be holding our first residential retreat. You’ll get to work on a business offering, from start to finish, with expert guidance. All in a stunning, inspiring location. Stay tuned for more details!

Afri-love Connection Club Party

  • Celebration!
    Following the good vibes of our December event, we will be hosting not one but two parties this year. I mean, we need to celebrate our first birthday this May! And who doesn’t love a party!? 🙂 
  • Extra access
    Along with our monthly business meetings and self-care events, members will continue to enjoy our monthly webinars, monthly writing parties, weekly WhatsApp Q&A sessions and more.

Afri-love Connection Club

Join us!

We welcome new members every quarter. Find out more and apply today.

Afri-love Connection Club – Sheba Njagi

“Afri-love Connection Club to me is a God-sent forum. The first quarter of the year had me actively looking for a networking group where I could meet smart and authentic people as well as a safe and quality learning space. I visited quite a number of platforms and didn’t find the right fit; and when I attended the first Afri-love Connection Club meeting – I was sure this was it.

I enjoy the monthly conversations we have with my group. It’s usually a Wednesday I always look forward to because of the stories and lessons we share together. The lunch meetings are symbolic to me, like we’re breaking bread 🥖 as we make monthly plans and commission our accountability partners.

The practical learning material that Lulu & Danielle send is amazing- they’ve actually made bigger strides on my business projects.

If you are an ambitious and caring female entrepreneur, Afri-love Connection Club is a network that works with you to start achieving your small wins in your business and life. Can’t wait to grow, learn, share and thrive!”

— Sheba Njagi, Roarke & Bartley

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