Phone Wallpaper: Soulful Branding Affirmations

Phone wallpaper goodies for the taking!

As I prepare for it, I’m getting more and more excited about the next session of the Soulful Branding Challenge.

I’ve been putting my recently acquired modern calligraphy skills to use, lettering some affirmations to do with the course and my thoughts about authentic branding.

I thought you might enjoy having them as regular reminders so, I’ve created a few different phone wallpaper images for you.

Download the phone wallpaper:

While on your phone, simply hold down your chosen image for the option to save it.
Each one of us is already unique. There is no need to worry about competition when you are true to yourself because, different people want different things and abundance is available for everybody.


Given the diversity in this world, we will never have to compete with anybody else … when we are true to ourselves … when we tune into what makes us special… and we share that with the world… and reach the people who resonate with us, … people who want or need what we have to offer…

Your branding should make your heart sing!

Let me know if you want more!

In case you missed it, read my story about branding and freedom here.

Branding and freedom: discover ways to plant authentic roots for your business and help them flourish!

In May 2017, I ran the first Soulful Branding challenge, borne out of my desire to help people create branding that makes their heart sing. Having worked on branding for all kinds of individuals and organisations for the past 10+ years, I’ve learned a thing or two about creating a strong foundation for how you show up in the world (aka marketing), that is aligned with who you are. If it feels authentic, it’s going to be more effective. 

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response to the pilot challenge, I’ve creating a more extensive edition – a 5-week online course.

Reserve your spot here.

You can also join the Soulful Branding Community (for free) here.

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