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Afri-love-Women: Real talk for creative African women

Last week I launched the Afri-love Women Facebook group, for creative African women balancing self-care and professional excellence.

When I started this blog, almost 7 years ago, I always had a vision that it would be more than just a one-way conversation. That it would lead to activities and initiatives in the real world. In late 2015, I held the Afri-love Sundown Sessions – 3 intimate evenings of live music, co-hosted with musician Sirena Riley. Late last year, I co-hosted a Nairobi brunch for women creatives, together with the Nzinga Effect. Both events were successful in many ways and, I received such great feedback from attendees. I knew that I wanted to create more opportunities for interaction with like-minded people – in real life and virtually as well – and the Afri-love Women Facebook group is step one.

Calling all creative African women

Think of the group as a community extension of this blog – albeit with a very specific audience: women who identify as creative and African and who care as much about progressing in their careers and with their businesses, as they do about paying attention to their health and wellness.

This is definitely my personal aspiration and goal – finding a way to achieve this balance. I’ve been running my own creative business for 8 years now and it’s been tough! And also wonderful. I’ve learned so much about myself, about my craft, about business, about the world, about life … and every day I’m learning more. A big part of this education has been thanks to the amazing women I’ve engaged with over the years: friends, family, clients, business acquaintances; women in my mastermind and networking groups; even women I follow on Instagram.

There are several great forums but, I felt the need to create one that particularly involved women in the creative industry, where wellness was an integral part of the discussion. The group is a safe space for us to all be real, to support each other and to share and exchange our experiences – the joys, the challenges and the lessons.

The engagement so far has been wonderful! The women who’ve joined so far have been so enthusiastic and open. I look forward to doing my bit in cultivating the spirit of inquiry, growth and sisterhood, that has already been so evident, in just a few days.

Why don’t you join in?

Request your invitation here.

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