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I used to draw


Over the past 9 months or so, I’ve been reconnecting with something that I used to do – making art! Not for work but, just for fun – just for me. It’s been the best thing I decided to do.

My friend, Stacy Moore – a chartered psychologist – came up with a wonderful idea. She used to love making art too and has been longing to experience again, the joy which she used to derive from it. In her words:

“It seems ludicrous to me that there are activities we put a lot of time and energy into when we were young, developed talents and a love for them, and then let them all go in preference for “a proper job”.

So she’s decided to do something about it and I’m so glad to be on board.

I used to draw Lulu Kitololo drawing

‘I used to… draw’
 is the first in a series of ‘I used to’ workshops that will give us all the opportunity to get back in touch with our creative, more carefree selves.

It’s not just about making art – each session will have a theme. The first event is dedicated to self and it’s about making the time to nurture ourselves, express who we are and recognise the unique contribution we each make.

Each session will also have a specific creative challenge. It’s fitting that the first one will be the self portrait and, we’ll be encouraging you to think outside the box regarding what form that takes.

I used to draw Pastels


You can expect to be inspired, to reflect, to create and to share what you’ve made in a supportive community of lovely people.

Ultimately, that’s what it’s about – spending time with like-minded people who want to inject a little more creativity back into their lives.

I used to draw Lulu Kitololo Studio


The first event is on Saturday 13th June, from 3-6pm, at my studio in Brockley, London. Because we want to keep it relatively intimate, spaces are limited. Reserve yours here.

If you can’t make this particular event, subscribe to my studio mailing list and I’ll keep you posted about future events.

We look forward to getting our hands dirty with you!







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