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I have a confession to make: despite how much I enjoyed screenprinting in university, living with a screenprinter has made me lazy. Why bother when I can ask/beg Lusungu to print something for me? :). However, the more and more I witness the joys of printing, the more and more I want to try my rusty hands at it again. 

Lucky for me, and you, Lusungu’s Creativity and Noise screenprinting workshops are finally here! He’s been planning them for a while and he’s finally got some dates booked. 

The first sessions are on Saturday 13th June. Yes, sessions with an ’s’ – 2 time slots in one day, for you to learn how to screen print your own bespoke t-shirt (or tote). He provides everything, you just need to bring your design (he’ll have some designs available, if you’d rather use one of his).

Screenprinting Workshops London Creativity and Noise Lusungu Chikamata

The workshops will take place at Artist Village Brockley, the community that houses our studio. Which means that, if you’d like to make a whole creative day out of it, you can: print in the morning; have lunch in one of the neighbourhood’s hip cafes; and then join Stacy and I for ‘I used to… draw’, in the afternoon. Book your spot now and take advantage of the 2 ticket discount. 

Can’t make the 13th? Sign up to the Creativity and Noise mailing list and be the first to hear about the other workshops scheduled across the summer.

2 creative workshops posted on the blog in 2 days – here’s to truly living more creatively!



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