The Afri-love List: 4 (East) African Photographers to Follow on Instagram



This is the first of many lists as I’m constantly discovering amazing African photographers (and other creatives), through Instagram. The four featured here all hail from my part of the continent – the east. This is just a slice of their repertoire so be sure to check them out their Instagram feeds. In alphabetical order …





His bio reads:

African Photographer•REUTERS•Uganda•. Contributor for @everydayafrica

Edward documents every day life in such a beautiful way. Scenes that are so familiar, if you’ve lived in Africa, that you wouldn’t have given them a second thought. Edward makes you pause and contemplate these moments.





AKA Sarah Waiswa. Her bio reads:
The Afrohemian Nomad. Here and there, everywhere and nowhere. Phoet. 1/2 of @africancityzens Nairobi (for now) Samsung K Zoom and Canon
I especially LOVE Sarah’s portraits. She captures so much with so little visual information. And let’s not even start about the vibrant colours… !
AKA Joe Were. His bio reads:
Pianist, Linguist, Camera Wielder (Samsung NX30) on a quest to capture moments of beauty. Also 1/15th of #OneTouchLive Crew. Nairobi, Kenya.
I love the use of contrast in Joe’s work – it creates a surreal quality that makes his work feel even more magical.




8-Photographers-Instagram-East-Africa-Truthslinger-Freedom-Corner (1)



AKA Mutua Matheka. His bio reads:
Kenyan blood. African roots. [I choose to see the beauty in the mundane] 
I love Mutua’s playfulness – both in terms of him constantly trying new things but also, in his compositions. For example, the beautiful patterns he captures in our every day urbanscapes. Check out his Afri-love interview from a few years back.
Images courtesy of the respective photographers.




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