Creative experiments: plant collage



Soon after I moved to the UK, around 10 years ago, I bought my first house plant. It has been with me through moving house, several times (including moving city – twice!), and through all kinds of neglect (I know, shame on me). The poor thing got bent out of shape – literally.


Plant collage Lulu Kitololo Before



The lovely family at my local garden centre, Alexandra Nurseries, gave me some advice regarding a last ditch attempt to revive my plant. However, they warned that, as with human beings, sometimes it's just time to let go. Hopeful, I followed the instructions and cut the head off my plant, leaving just a few inches of the stem.

So what to do with the leaves that would surely just dry up in a matter of days? I couldn't bear to simply throw them away. I had a thought – given that I'm doing this daily plant-inspired art challenge anyway, why don't I find a way to use them for it!

And so it was that this plant collage creative experiment came about. You can try it too. Hopefully you won't have to decapitate your plants to do so. Instead, forage around for a collection of different leaves in your garden or local park (be gentle).

The process was super simple:




  1. I separated the leaves
  2. I put a large piece of plain paper on the table and started arranging the leaves in different 'patterns'
  3. I took photographs of the different compositions (with my mobile phone) and saved them for later experimentation with my current favourite photo editing app, VSCO Cam
  4. I then got some scissors out and started snipping into the leaves. In this instance, I folded the leaves in half, lengthwise, and cut out triangular shapes. That way, when I opened them up, I achieved the diamond shapes that you see here
  5. I then repeated step 3 (I used the off-cuts too!)
  6. Then, over to VSCO Cam where I spent way too many hours. I played with the photos from pre-snip and after. The adjustments that I usually play with are exposure, temperature, contrast, saturation and highlights tint




I'd love to see what you come up with if you give this a go. Drop me a link below or tag me on Twitter (@afrilove) or Instagram (@afriloveblog).

Have fun!



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