Natural Hair Journey: 3 and a Half Years After the Big Chop



It's been just over 3 and a half years since I last had a big chop where I cut all my hair off and, over that time, my regimen has evolved again and again.

I recently took a few pictures documenting a length check and different stages of my typical cycle between washes. View them all on my new natural hair journey showcase  (set one up too and send me a link – it will only take minutes, once you've got your content together, and it's free!).




My current regimen

These days I ideally wash my hair once a week. Any longer than that and I pay the consequences: I have to reverse the locking process that will inevitably have begun. Much less fun than having to wash weekly methinks! I'm currently using (and loving) the Arbonne Pure Vibrance Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Revitalizing Masque*. 

I then apply a leave-in conditioner and a hair butter (the one I like best so far was from Oyin Handmade – I'm assuming their 'Boing!' product is a new incarnation of what I used a couple of years ago) and two-strand twist my hair. I will wait the twists for several days, sometimes pinning them up in a simple updo. I'll then take them out and wear the curls for a few days, alternating between putting them in 4 big plaits at night and not. I find that the longer my hair grows, the less I like how it behaves when stretched.

And there it is. Photos of twist state, twist-outs and stretched twist-outs can be seen here. And for a twist-out after 4 days, with super shrinkage and crazy volume, check out this picture.


How's your natural hair journey going? Are you also having fantasies of cutting it all off or locking it down?


*if you're interested in purchasing this range, let me know!




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