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I love running my own business and I'm always so excited to see other people taking the leap! That's what this blog is about – celebrating entrepreneurs (particularly ones in the creative industry). 

The company I co-own, Asilia, is all about harnessing the power of design and digital technology to help pioneers take their brands and businesses to the next level. 

To that end, as a welcome to what's going to be an amazing year (if you decide so) and, in an effort to kick things off with a bang, Asilia is offering 8 exciting packages for ambitious, passionate people, just like you!

  • Present yourself in a professional and memorable manner with our stationery design and infographics packages.
  • Get traffic to your site with branded graphics to customise your digital media presence and expert consultation on your SEO. 
  • Get online with a Typepad blog or a simple, elegant Black White Simple website.
  • Engage and excite people with bespoke slides on your website or Black White Simple site.
  • Ditch photos and get yourself (or someone else) an illustrated portrait.

Take advantage of special discount when you sign up in January. Find out more on the Asilia blog.

Onwards and upwards (with great marketing materials to boot)!





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