5 Reasons to Have a Team: Entrepreneurs Need People, Part II

Asilia Kenya team

Asilia UK team


Those of you who have subscribed to the Afri-love mailing list will have already witnessed me getting all soppy over my Asilia team. Those intelligent, witty, passionate people who I have the honour of spending the majority of my week with. My business partner, Andrew, and I have learned that finding the right people is possibly the most important thing you can do for your business. People who not only have the skills but also, the right attitude. After all, skills can be learned but, the right attitude is indispensable and makes everything else possible.

So why is a team so important? Here are the top 5 reasons from my experience:


1. Leveraging other people's time

So this is the textbook answer. Simply: more people means more things can get done. Having a team sets you up to developing an entity that can stand up on its own, even in your absence. Which then frees you up to do whatever it is that you most like to do, effectively having created a passive income stream.


2. You don't have to be a jack of all trades

And can instead focus on mastery and something else that can often be neglected but that is super important for a thriving enterprise: strategy.


3. Constantly learning new things

Different individuals, from different backgrounds, with different knowledge, skills, experiences, viewpoints and ways of dealing with situations. You're bound to grow as a person.


4. Good company

With a committed and enthusiastic team, you are all feeding off each other's energy. There are people to make you laugh, to challenge you, to brainstorm, to get opinions from, to learn from and to present a united front with. I often suspect that others in our London office space often think we're having too much fun. Why shouldn't we be?!


5. Connections

Not just in the cynical sense. I'm talking about how you can get to know a bunch of amazing people, who add so much to your life, who you may not otherwise have met. 


Do you have a team?
What has your experience been?
What are your tips for building a stellar team?


Images: Top – The Kenya contingent of the Asilia team; bottom – the UK continent




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