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I observe that the term "entrepreneur" is nowadays appreciated for the wide-encompassing tile that it is. There are so many types of entrepreneurship.
To name a few:



Behaving like an entrepreneur in your role as an employee of an organisation.


Necessity entrepreneurship

A term I heard for the first time at an event last week, referring to how more and more people are being forced to do their own thing, in order to meet their financial obligations.


Social entrepreneurship

Pursuing solutions to social problems, drawing upon business thinking as well as thinking from the nonprofit world. Here it's not about measuring returns in terms of profit but also, the positive impact the enterprise has had on society.


Creative entrepreneurship

People earning off their creative endeavours – be it fine art, fashion, graphic deign, architecture, illustration, photography, film, cooking, styling, music, writing and the list could go on … In my view, as with social entrepreneurship, the anticipated returns don't just have to do with money. Creative expression and the satisfaction from the tangible or experiential results of this is part of the reward.


Afri-love's mission in all this

My aim with Afri-love is to demonstrate the myriad possibilities that exist when it comes to being a creative entrepreneur. Part of the mission is showcasing where other people's imagination, vision and determination have taken them, to open our mind's to what is possible – inspiration. Step 2 of the mission is sharing, presenting and creating useful knowledge and resources to empower more people to take action towards making what they desire happen.

But that's not the end. We also have to be the clients/customers/audience that we hope to attract. That's the philosophy behind the Buy African series – supporting creative entrepreneurs who are creating quality products/services/experiences, worthy of our patronage.


A journey of discovery

Those of you've been reading this blog for a while will have gone through the journey of discovery with me. An often personal exploration of how exactly to articulate what this blog is about. There is the philosophy that guides it but, putting that into a concise sentence either didn't feel comprehensive enough or, didn't have enough of the "and then what?" in there.


More than just the fuzzy stuff

As big as I am on inspiration (as a practice), I've always wanted Afri-love to deliver more than just a warm feeling. I've wanted it to be a resource that enables readers to take action

And I still stand by my belief that that always starts with the self. There are people who set off to help a village but, I'm more interested in what you're doing to help yourself first (or at the same time). So it's not just about the work side of things, it's exploring how we can be balanced human beings and how we can ensure we're putting as much effort into our health, wellness and wellbeing.


Clarifying my purpose

I'm pleased to share that it became very clear to me last week, just how to communicate all of these thoughts, desires and my purpose, into a short description. It's so simple I can't believe it's taken me over 4 years! What's wonderful is that this sentence is really just an evolution of one that I came up with, probably around 10 years ago, when I was trying to articulate what I see as my life's purpose.

Without further ado:

Afri-love exists to showcase, encourage and support creative entrepreneurship.


Oftentimes there is overlap with social entrepreneurship (and necessity!) and I hope that the content also serves intrapreneurs. I believe I don't need to spell out the ethnicity of my focus demographic but, I would love to hear your thoughts on that. Please drop me a note in the comments.




  • Start Here – for visitors new and old alike. This page gives an overview of who I am, what I'm doing and why. It includes an introduction to the different kinds of content you can find here as well as a regularly updated list of popular posts
  • Self, Love and Enterprise – written at the beginning of my Asilia journey
  • In Our Own Hands: An Interview with Kesha Bruce – all creative entrepreneurs, and especially artists, should read this!


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