The Wisdom of Crowds: A Collection of Treasures from 4 Years of Afri-love, Part I


Today, Afri-love is 4! To celebrate, I've curated a list of 56 nuggets of insight, opinion and observation, garnered on Afri-love over the past 4 years. Why 56? Two reasons really: 1) that's the number of recognised states and de facto states on the continent and 2) I wanted a good healthy number. I'll be sharing the nuggets over the next 3 days so stay tuned (or subscribe to get them via email or read via RSS). Here's batch number 1 … 


(1 – 8) It starts with self

  • Politics is not something that is separate from us – something that is solely conducted by designated officials far removed from the experience of our daily lives. As individuals, as citizens, we are constantly making political decisions through what we say and what we do … If seeing yourself in a positive light means that you are less likely to accept being treated without respect – that's politics right there — "Is There Any Use for the Term 'Afropolitan'"
  • If I value my self, I value the planet that sustains me and I value the contribution, and necessarily the well-being, of others – "The Selfish African"


There are So Many Ways to Get to Mombasa and So Many Stories to Tell

(9 – 21) And self-definition

  • I celebrate African and African-inspired creativity and initiative because, I believe that there is a place for that in terms of inspiring and encouraging more Africans to stop living somebody else's dream, as well as to showcase to the world the diversity and complexity of 'African' and of the African experience — "Is it African? Questions of Aesthetics, Authenticity and Classification"
  • The dominant ideology in societies throughout the world would have us think that everything and everyone that is not Western is backwards or less than. I'm grateful for everyone that challenged the status quo and set their own definitions of blackness — Kathryn Buford, "Interview with Live Unchained Co-Founder Kathryn Buford"
  • Sometimes we have to step back and beware that we do not fall into the thinking of those who don't know better and those who would rather see the continent as a forsaken place in need of enlightenment from outside — "Is There Any Use for the Term 'Afropolitan'"
  • Nobody can teach me who I am. You can describe parts of me, but who I am, and what I need, is something I have to find out myself — Chinua Achebe, quoted in "Inspired: Chinua Achebe Book Covers"
  • Africa doesn't "inspire" me as though it was some entity apart from myself. It's part of who I am, my upbringing, my past, my future. It's like trying to figure out how my leg inspires me. It doesn't, it's just wholly a part of my being — Lesley in "Interview with Lesley of Ododo Originals"
  • I am constantly challenged by its complexity and wowed by its beauty. Africa, to me will always be home. Home is our point of reference and the place where we always come back to replenish our souls — Zaki Ibrahim in "Interview with Music Maker Zaki Ibrahim"


Illustrations by yours truly. Bottom image from "There are So Many Ways to Get to Mombasa and So Many Stories to Tell".




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    I look forward to many more birthdays!
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