Buy African: The South Is Blooming – an Online “Mixstore” for Cosmopolitans

Oftentimes the desire to support African design – and production in general – is there but, the products aren't always very accessible. In this "Buy African" series, I'll be highlighting various outlets to help you turn your intentions into action. 


The South is Blooming shares the creative talent of contemporary makers in southern Africa with the world. The online boutique showcases an eclectic range of craft and design including fashion accessories, books, music, toys and more. 

The organisation has some very compelling principles including: design-led craftmanship; buying local, globally; a short and transparent path between craftsperson and customer; drawing from traditional methods and inspiration and making them relevant for today and; quality and longevity over quantity and disposability. Read more about them here.

Images via The South is Blooming 


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