Black History Month 2012 – London Events

We're well in to Black History Month in the UK now. If you follow Afri-love on Facebook or Google+, you'll have already seen some of related links and event notices from me. Here are some more that have caught my eye …



Afrikan Yoga

Afrikan Yoga
Venue: Dulwich Library, Southwark 

With rhythmic movements and a focus on breath, Afrikan yoga is noted as a system of healing and transformational self-development with its origins rooted in ancient Egypt. Its emphasis is on movement, dance, and the awareness of muscles and internal organs.



Black History Month 2012 London Events Afro Brazilian Festival of Drums Festa do Tambor

Festa do Tambor – Festival of Drums
Venue: Brady Arts and Community Centre, Tower Hamlets

BrazilArte presents “FESTA DO TAMBOR” Festival of Drums. Along with a series of workshops for you to “come and try…” and experience some of the popular cultural rhythms and movements from Brazil and its Afro culture, there will also be a live cultural show presenting professional artists from Brazil and Brazilian cuisine on offer before the show begins!

Workshops include: Samba de roda, Coco de roda, Maculele, Afro-Brazilian, Capoeira & Roda, Pandeiro, Berimbau, Congo & Atabaque, Batucada (Samba, samba reggae etc.). 



Marley Film Black History Month 2012

Venue: The Golden Lion, Sydenham

Screening of the documentary-biographical about music legend Bob Marley.




Do black girls have it harder?
Venue: Lift Islington

iROCK!'s Sister2Sister's October workshop will be celebrating Black History month discussing challenges faced by ethnic minority women from self esteem issues, integration, skin and beauty, business and career opportunities. This workshop has been dedicated to motivate, elevate, honour and celebrate the 'everyday black woman'.  




UK Premiere of Hoodwinked
Venue: King's Place, Islington

Hoodwinked is the much anticipated and long awaited sequel to 2007 Best African American Documentary What Black Men Think.

For over four-hundred years, the majority white society has used many tools to reinforce a message that the peoples of African descent are less-than, not-equal-too or not-good enough. 

In this modern era of information, the media, government and special interests use statistics to further promote the message of Black inferiority. What troubles me most, is that we as a people have internalized the misinformation, embraced the myths, and perpetuated the stereotypes, sadly reinforcing a collective misperception of our own identities.


On your doorstep

Londoners, you can search events by borough, thanks to this list compiled by a friend of a friend. Events include talks, art exhibitions, film screenings, live music, book launches and workshops for all ages and more!


Thanks to Nadia and everybody else whose shared these goodies!

Anything else that we shouldn't miss? Please do share.


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