Buy African: Online Shop Beldi – Celebrating Moroccan Handicraft

Oftentimes the desire to support African design – and production in general – is there but, the products aren't always very accessible. In this new "Buy African" series, I'll be highlighting various outlets to help you turn your intentions into action. 




Online store Beldi aims to bring the heart and soul of Morocco to the world. Inspired by how notions of "Beldi" – the traditional, the authentic and the folk –  couple Chafiq Ennaoui and Aimee Bianca have curated a collection of  kitchen & dining implements, rugs, accessories, bedding, home decor and bath items that showcase the artistry of the everyday. That's what the shop is about – celebrating the beauty, care and love in the simplest of things. Such as a hand-blown recycled glass or a hand-carved lemon wood spoon.

Beldi is a refreshing counter to mass-produced Moroccan souvenirs that aims to preserve endangered craft traditions. Find out more about the couple's inspiration, ambitions and activities on the Beldi website and check out the beautiful items on sale.


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