Wanted: Youth Delegation for Africa Utopia at London’s Southbank Centre


I am thoroughly appreciating my age but, here's one of those moments where I wouldn't mind being 26 and under …

London's Southbank Centre is looking for independent-minded young people, aged 18 – 26 years old, based in the UK or Africa who are interested in the arts, Africa and social change, to form a youth delegation during Africa Utopia in July 2012.

This summer, Southbank Centre is presenting Festival of the World which explores ways in which art and culture have the potential to transform lives. Africa Utopia is part of this festival and it’s taking place throughout July 2012. A group of Elders including international artists, writers, thinkers and activists – spearheaded by renowned Senegalese singer and human rights champion Baaba Maal – will shed light on what Africa has to offer the world through a series of performances, talks, debates and films.

They are looking for a group of young people to take part in an exciting programme of events, including inspirational sessions led by Africa Utopia Elders. You’ll get access to Africa Utopia performances and shows, plus advice and support on developing projects between Africa and the UK.

You will also help to research and plan Africa Utopia 2013. You will need to be available in London from 16 – 29 July, and ideally you’ll also be able to attend the opening of Africa Utopia on 3 July. If you are interested in being considered for this project, please write a short statement telling us why and send it by Monday 7th May 2012 along with your CV to: [email protected]

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