African inspiration on Pinterest: from artist Robyn Gordon





Robyn Gordon (Pinterest user Robyn ArtPropelled) is a wood sculptor living in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. Her self-proclaimed passion is art โ€“ when she's not making it herself, she's thinking about it. Robyn surely has an amazing eye for it as her Pinterest boards display. 

Her boards cover sights from her environment (e.g. "birds & creatures in my garden"), art techniques and materials (collage, assemblage, fiber art, metal, textiles) and themes ("multiples", "nooks & crannies"), as well as specific boards covering African art and design (including dedicated South African art, design and style boards).

Above are some images found via Robyn's boards (Zulu Hats and Yoruba beaded crown"Shepherdโ€ Godza Mtizwa from Streetwires 200 life-sized beaded sheep through the streets of Cape Town and work by Olaf Hajek; Berber carpet; Turkana girl in Kenya, shot by Eric Lafforgue and West African head wraps, styled by Frederik Stambro)

Check out Robyn's wood carvings here.

For more African/African-inspired art, design, fashion and more, as well as general art, design and lifestyle boards, check out my Pinterest boards

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