A mind-blowing, liberating, music-loving showdown: Asabaako Music Festival (TGIHD*)



The Asabaako Music Festival returns to Busua Beach on the West Coast of Ghana this December. From the 2nd to the 4th, revelers can enjoy a "mind-blowing, liberating, music-loving showdown of African energy, feasting and fun" (Yemisi Mokuolu, Festival co-producer and Director of Hatch Events). Essentially, a massive beach party, the festival will not only entertain but also help to create an independent platform for African musicians and an African showcase for international artists.

"The Asabaako Music Festival, is more than just a festival, it's an inspiring and inclusive music festival that exposes the exciting new sounds of Africa, empowers artists and aims to be a haven for amazing music from around the world." —  Yemisi Mokuolu

Aside from attending, you can get involved with helping to grow the festival by participating in their crowdfunding campaign. Every little bit counts and rewards include everything from a hug and t-shirts to Associate Producer credits and 'red carpet' treatment at the event.

"This isn't another campaign to 'save poor Africa' – at its purest, it's an opportunity to show Africa in a more honest light. In a light that we can value, respect and be part of," Yemisi affirms.




There are only 3 days to go until the end of the crowdfunding campaign so there's still time to support (find out 5 great reasons to support the festival here). Don't forget to show your love on Facebook and Twitter too.

* Thank God it's Hump Day
Images courtesy of Yemisi Mokuolu. Top image – Jana Waldhor; bottom image – Kofi Baabone brass band.

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