From obsession to collaboration & an upcoming exclusive Adèle Dejak event in London

Ouled Nail woman from Algeria

It started with my obsession …
I'm obssessed with adornment (as you may have gathered). Not only with the beautiful combinations of shapes, colour and materials that designers dream up but, the whole idea of wearing them – a practice that is centuries-old and truly global. Before modern technology, people gained value from creating necklaces and earrings and headdresses and cuffs and rings. Before status was marked by degrees and job titles and Twitter followings, it was signified by the elaborateness of one's gear.

Today, accessories can make or break your outfit – as fashion writers will tell you – but has their significance been reduced to the merely superficial? I still believe that there is much to learn about a person from their choice of adornment (or lack thereof).

Personally, I favour the bold – something about a dramatic piece makes me feel regal. That's why I absolutely love the work of designer, Adèle Dejak. I came across her work a couple of years ago and I later got in touch with her about a feature on Afri-love. That's how we got talking and earlier this year, we had the opportunity to meet in Nairobi. It was a great chance to learn more about each other and for me to interview Adèle in person and to visit her workshop.


… And led to a fantastic partnership!
We've been collaborating ever since! In my Asilia capacity, I've been working with the designer in helping her to tell her story and establish a relationship with those who love her work. Her latest and self-proclaimed best collection yet, Afri-Love is named after the blog – a fantastic honour!

I'm really excited to be organising an exclusive Adèle Dejak event, on Tuesday November 8th in London. A rare opportunity for her UK fans to see, touch and purchase her one-of-a-kind accessories. It's taking place at the swish Drift Bar (and we've thrown in a giveaway).


Passion produces
I've been working on preparing everything for the evening and must admit I'm a little bit nervous. Only because I want to make sure that I do Adèle's magnificent work proud. Which brings me to passion. When you put it into your work and your work centres around your passion, you are going to create amazing things that speak for themselves. Adèle's done that with her exquisite bags, belts, jewellery and sandals. Really, all I have to do is show up.

I hope you will too! See you on the 8th.

Vintage image from Nostalgerie, found via Kilele, a blog about African photography and then some; Adèle Dejak shot courtesy of the designer, photography by Dean Zulich; photo on event invite by Abraham Ali

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