La Petite Congolaise at the Re-Loved Lounge


La Petite Congolaise Re-Loved Chair

I missed the Re-Loved Lounge last month: African & African-Caribbean Design Diaspora designers transformed a space at the annual 100% Design show into a playful sitting area with upcycled furniture.
Laurence Kanza, aka La Petite Congolaise, was one of those designers and she shared a picture for all of us who couldn't be there – a before and after shot of one of her upcycled dining room chairs.

"My goal was to take two discarded chairs and transform them into statement chairs which would take their place at the head and foot of the beautifully crafted 5m long dining table by my fellow designer Alexander Mulligan*."

Laurence also showcased cushions from her Awakening Collection which you can check out (and purchase) here.

Thanks Laurence!

More about the Lounge:


Images courtesy of Laurence Kanza/La Petite Congolaise
* You can see the table mentioned in an album on Afri-love's Facebook page 

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