One year doing nothing but working on myself (plus giving away a film!)


Happy Monday everybody! I hope you're as charged for this new week as I am. This Saturday, Afri-love celebrates its one year anniversary! I can't believe it's arrived so quickly. I am so happy that I've maintained the momentum for this long – though there have been some busy times where I've posted less than I've wanted. I'm so grateful to all of you who read, take the time to comment, interact via Facebook or Twitter and sign up to the mailing list. 

I came across this poignant quote last night:

"I can do nothing for you but work on myself …
You can do nothing for me but work on yourself."
Be Here Now by Ram Dass

That's been one of the guiding ideas behind this blog from day one. The thought that, it all starts with the self. That we cannot expect satisfying change before we are satisfied that we are creating it for ourselves first. Minna, aka MsAfropolitan said it best when she described Afri-love as "exploring Africa's modernity on Africa's own terms." On celebrating the fifth anniversary of her blog, Fly blogger, Andrea Pippins, shared that she started it as a place to create what she wanted to see. It was born out of her desire to do something about what she didn't see elsewhere and to offer a different narrative to what she didn't like in the media. Similarly, Afri-love has been an opportunity for me to share a slice of what I love about my continent and all it has inspired around the world. An opportunity to question, to challenge, to theorize, to create, to learn and to grow. To come from the angle of my individual experience (indeed, to work on myself) and share that journey with you.

Giveaway love
The first ever mailing goes out this weekend so, if you haven't already signed up, you can do so here. Mailing list subscribers will have the chance to win some artsy goodies which I will be announcing later in the week (please note that this mailing list is different to signing up to receive posts via email).

There's something for you to win too, even if you don't sign up to the mailing list: a copy of the film, Formula X, produced by Sagwa Chabeda (who shared his passion and inspiration with Afri-love a few months ago). The DVD includes special features such as behind-the-scenes footage, the making of Formula X, producing the music of Formula X and more.

To enter, leave a comment to this post with the name of your favourite African film or TV programme. I have 2 copies to give and the draw will be next Monday so, please leave your answers before then. In the meantime, enjoy this trailer below:


9 thoughts on “One year doing nothing but working on myself (plus giving away a film!)”

  1. Congrats on your first year! I love reading your blog and find so much joy in having a fellow African excited about sharing a wonderful view of our continent as much as I do!
    As for movies – I recently missed the African film festival in dc so sadly I haven’t seen that much stuff recently, but I have to say that I loved catching episodes of Shuga from Kenya, especially since I’m a fan of Lupita!

  2. Hi Brandie, thanks for your comment – happy to meet another like mind :).
    I’ve never watched Shuga – do you know if any episodes are available online?

  3. Brandie, you win a copy of Formula X! I’ll get in touch with you about your mailing details.
    There’s still one copy going so I’m leaving the competition open until the 30th of June.

  4. Congratulations on your first year! You have curated a beautiful piece of cyberspace with Afri-love and I’m grateful for your inspiration.
    My favorite film is Tsotsi and, like Carla, I’m also a fan of #1 Ladies Detective Agency

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