2 product design projects in Mozambique

Yesterday Mozambique celebrated Independence Day. In honour of the occasion, I'd like to share 2 design projects that were brought to my attention by Afri-love reader, Karen.

Studio dandoen



Studio dandoen believes that design should focus on Local materials + Techniques = High quality products in partnership with local workforce. Practising what they preach, they create quality furniture, clothes and bags using innovative, sustainable, recycled materials. Check out the studio's website for more of their funky quirky designs.




Combining traditional sarong textiles (capulanas) with a new knotting technique, the Mescla Collection creates unique pieces handmade by Mozambican women. Purchases help give the women a livelihood and empower communities suffering from disease and social deprivation. The Mescla website is under construction but you can find out a little more about them through the following brochure: Download MESCLA_FOLDER_Clients_.

Thanks for the great tips Karen!

Also check out last year's multidisciplinary Mozambican celebration.

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