12 months, 12 posts you loved

I know I have a penchant for lists and if ever I needed an excuse to create one, surely today is the day. Tomorrow marks one year of Afri-love and as I reflect on all the people that I've come across and had the opportunity to meet (if even just virtually), I want to share with you the most popular posts. It so happens that indeed, most of them are interviews with some of these people. I am honoured to be a part of this army of creatives and change-makers and I look forward to meeting and collaborating with more of you.


12. Interview with Lesley of Ododo Originals
Lesley's inspiring story of how a crafty hobby turned into a full-time blossoming enterprise.

11. Interview with Erika of Mikuti

The lady behind the ethical fashion enterprise shares what inspired her to start a business in Tanzania.



10. Interview with artist, Chief Nyamweya
The first interview in the series! A great interviewee to kick-off the idea of sharing what drives talented Afri-loving people to do what they love. 



9. Interview with AfriPOP! editor and music marketeer, Phiona Okumu
This lady embodies Afri-love in every way shape and form. It was great to have her share that indomitable energy with us. Hope it rubs off!



8. Natural hair journey: 4 months on and getting my protective styling on
I've discovered so many blogs and vlogs out there dedicated to caring for natural Afro hair. However, not many from people with my super-kinky hair type. So, I decided to share my journey. I've "been natural" for 10 years now and before July last year, 5 of those years were spent in locs. Since my second big chop, I've been occasionally documenting the process and my learning along the way. Yes, 10 years and there's still so much to learn!



7. Interview with Ihsani Culture
My long term comrade in the pursuit of Afri-love, in her reincarnation as a fashion design director, shares her passion and her beautiful designs.



6. My natural hair journey, part 3
My third new beginning: wearing my hair loose and natural. Funny, "loose" is a very ironic term for these more-compact-than-steelwool curls!


Le-Coil crop

5. Celebrating our crowning glory: Le Coil
Beautiful people, regal in their natural hair. Sharing the work of photographer Jamala Johns and her fabulous blog, Le Coil.



4. Interview with artist and photographer, Mutua Matheka
This man's lens is relentless! He captures Kenya in a way that it has never been captured before. Personalities, architecture, moods, energy. His portfolio is a must-peruse.



3. Five reasons why Ghana is the next African app powerhouse
The first guest post from the man behind Afriapps. This went up just last week and has been creating a buzz across the interweb. Look out for more insightful pieces from Andrew Mugoya, every month. 



2. Inspired by Dimitra Tzanos: for the love of Africa
A designer with a passion for all things Africa. She shared some of her colourful and exciting work with us. 



1. Interview with fashion stylist and blogger, Nancie Mwai
Fashion reigned supreme. The interview with Nancie Mwai was the most popular Afri-love post in the blog's inaugural year. Personally, there was something about this interview that truly reminded me of why I started the interview series in the first place. Hearing about somebody successfully doing something that, as a child growing up in Kenya, I didn't even knew somebody could professionally do – now that's inspiring.

I look forward to bringing you even more encouraging stories, makers, dream-chasers, action-takers and shakers. Shaking the continent and keeping it alive with the spirit that inspires the world!


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9 thoughts on “12 months, 12 posts you loved”

  1. You are so gracefully productive. The work just pours right out of you: a delicious river that tastes of salt and authenticity. Thank you for being you and leaving your mark on the world.

  2. Thank YOU Crystal! For all your support and encouragement. “Salt and authenticity” – I like that combination. Much love to you.

  3. Thanks for being on it Mutua and thanks for the blessing. Your work speaks volumes – I’m just happy to share so that more people can enjoy it.

  4. I have to say, I’m just in love with the compositions and colors in Dimitra Tzanos’ work. I would just love to see a travel poster or country visit campaign featuring her designs… They would be so great, animated, too! Thanks for introducing me to her talent. : )

  5. Hey Susy, glad to share. A travel campaign by Dimitra Tzanos is a fantastic idea! Something beyond the usual photography-led formula would be very refreshing. Thanks for reading.

  6. Hey Susy! Thanks for the nice comment and the encouragement!! and thats actually a damn nice idea….i’m working on elements of different cultures but never thought of that idea…i like!!!
    And Lulu…thanks for all your hard work in getting all these inspiring posts around the world to all of us!! 🙂

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