Gambia Independence Day with Griot Jally Kebba Susso


Today, The Gambia celebrates Independence Day. The smallest country on the continent in size but a large melting pot of diverse cultural influences. Gambia was an important site for the transatlantic slave trade and it is believed that as many as 3 million slaves were taken from the region during that period alone. The fictional Kunta Kinte, the progenitor of all the generations in Alex Haley's book, and later TV series, Roots, was from the Gambia.

In celebration of this day, and in true TGIF! fashion, here are some sounds from Jally Kebba Susso who comes from a very long line of Manding griots from The Gambia.



If you are in London next Friday, be sure to check out the album launch party for Jally Kebba Susso and the Manding Sabu, at the great Passing Clouds. For more gigs, check out Jally's MySpace page.


Image: from a flyer I designed for Jally and Passing Clouds

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