Inspired by Wafrica


Imagined by Cameroonian-born, globe-trotting Interior Designer/Industrial Designer/Artist, Serge Mouange, Wafrica is a creative response to globalization. Beginning with two "ancient, strong and sophisticated identities," Japan and Africa, Wafrica seeks to show the positive opportunities presented by their interaction. Rather than homogenization and the forgetting or abandoning of identities, Mouange believes that the juxtaposition of different identities can form "a new and enlightened international consciousness."


Mouange says:

"I pursue and observe the complexity of different values and cultural identities in search of threads to weave a fabric which is a blending of these differences."

Mouange is currently participating in the grand Global Africa Project, at the Museum of Art and Design in New York. Check out the Wafrica site for more info and images (even the sound on the website is a fusion of Africa and Japan!).

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