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Proud Mary cushions

Hey all, hope you've had a good week. Is it just me or is November the most expensive month of the year?! Certainly feels like it. It's a month that has started off busy and will surely continue in that vein so, it's great knowing that the joy and rest that comes with December is just around the corner.

Here's a round-up of last week's posts, in case you missed anything:

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Next week, look out for:

  • Quote of the week
  • Inspiration from a South African artist who uncovers the beauty and vibrance in the everyday
  • An interview with a Kenyan fashion designer who lives and breathes Afri-love
  • Reflections on managing one of our most precious resources
  • Celebrating Angola's Independence Day
  • Celebrating Afri-love's 5-month anniversary (did you say arbitrary? All reasons to celebrate are embraced!)
  • Continuing the spirit of celebration with a special post to bring in the weekend with TGIF!

For Colored Girls tear

To all readers in the US – go out and watch For Colored Girls (I promise I'm not being paid by the producers, I'm merely exercising vicarious living!).

Have a fantastic week! Be proud and be inspired.


2nd image from top: Proud Mary designs. For Colored Girls film poster, available to download here.

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