Samosa Festival: 18th-25th September, Nairobi

Samosa festival

 The exciting Samosa Festival begins tomorrow in Nairobi, aiming to showcase the beauty of diversity.

Their website states:
"SAMOSA Festival is a biennial festival of cross cultural interaction in Kenya, showcasing the best in African, Eastern and Western cultures in the region, and celebrating race, cultural and ethnic difference. We believe that art, music, dance and poetry are some of the easiest and most expansive ways for humanity to embrace diversity. The SAMOSA Festival will be mashing up the nyatiti with the sitar, putting together Rangoli with bottle tops and tile chips; having Zulu and Indian dancers stamp their feet to the same rhythm; and poets sketch with words, as artists weave with pens; asking "What does it mean to be Kenyan in Kenya?" We will be showing Kenya why "Different is Exciting."

Check out the variety of events throughout the week. I'd love to hear about it!

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