When we are prophets (an extended quote of the week)


"A prophet is not someone who can see the future, but merely someone who can read the sign of the times."

— attributed to Ousmane Sembène, the godfather of African cinema.

Interesting take on the gift of vision that asserts that, being present in now is perhaps the most significant thing we can do. This rings so true for me on so many levels. 

Being present is so beneficial on the individual level: listening to yourself, your needs and your desires; heeding the alerts your intuition sends you through physical and emotional means; knowing yourself and what compromises who you are. 

Being present on the collective level is merely an extension of this: reading the mood of our communities and our nations; letting this deep observation inspire us as to what we need to be advocating, contributing to and participating in. It's realising our part in the greater tapestry and asserting the positive influence that we can. It's being the ingredient that completes the dish!

We can be prophets all.

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