TGIF! with Wanlov the Kubolor & Vevi the Squirrel


Wanlov the Kubolor performed at the first Asabaako Music Festival event in March and in true unpredictable form, the UK-based artist walked to the event in Ghana! With one day left to support the Asabaako crowdfunding campaign, here's Wanlov's latest creation, Veverita to get you in the partying (and giving) mood …

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TGIF! Ghana Independence Day


I'm gonna need some help from my Ghanaian readers today. I posted about Ghana's Independence Day last July (marking the date the Republic was declared), and this Sunday marks the day that independence was declared, 53 years ago. My question is, which date do Ghanaians celebrate more? Or is it a case of different celebratory rituals for each occasion?

I've decided to contribute to the celebration with a round-up of a few of my favourite Ghana-related posts and a musical treat from the colourful Wanlov the Kubolor. Enjoy all and, happy happy Independence Day to my Ghanaian peeps!

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Interview with AfriPOP! editor and music marketeer Phiona Okumu


Phiona Okumu is one of those women whose energy is envious. She is constantly travelling, curating an eclectic collection of pop culture goodness and is a self-professed "quiet storm lover" and "digital hustler." If you ever need to know what's hot and happening, wherever you are, Phiona is your go-to girl. I managed to track this true Afropolitan down, to find out what drives her.

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