Buy African: Madwa – Accessories and Home Furnishings Inspired by African Craft Traditions


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Baskets of Africa as Wall Art


I spotted a great home decor idea via Pinterest – using African baskets as wall art. 

Thinking of trying it out? Get the look with the help of online shop, Baskets of Africa. They have an amazing collection that spans creations from Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Uganda, all handmade and fair trade. Here are some of my favourites in neutral colour combinations.


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Images via Lolita (left) and Elle Decor. Thanks to fellow pinners AphroChic and Gathoni for putting the idea on my radar. 

Swaziland Independence Day

Swazi candles

The Kingdom of Swaziland celebrates its independence today.

Interesting fact: Traditionally, the Swazi king reigns along with his mother who serves as the spiritual and national head of state with power of equal measure. However, now the role is merely symbolic.

I remember seeing some beautiful candles in Nairobi, Kenya, that were imported from Swaziland. I came to find out that Swazi candles are actually world-famous. Made by hand, no two candles are ever the same. The images below show some candles made by Swazi Candles.

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