The best of 2011: African and Africa-inspired fashion, interior and furniture design

Hope you've had a great holiday season so far. I thought I'd take these few days before 2012, to put together a recap of some favourite Afri-love posts (yours and mine) from the past year. Today – it's all about design.


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Week in review: back in business


I hope you've all had a wonderful week. 

It's now just over a week since I returned to the UK from a fantastic trip home to Kenya. Though of course I'm already homesick, the positive vibes just keep on mounting. The sun has been shining continuously (which is really saying something, here in the UK) and I've just returned from one of the most enjoyable weddings I've ever attended – the bride being one of my oldest friends. Her and her groom's love of dancing influenced the theme of the event and as a result, two days later, my legs are still aching!

Let the good energy continue for us all. 

Here's a recap of posts from last week:


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Have a great week everybody, be proud and be inspired!

Lulu x


 Image: Stoned Cherrie. See post for more details.

Celebrating South Africa’s Freedom Day with fashion house Stoned Cherrie


It's a busy day for national celebrations on the continent today. While not an Independence Day, I wanted to commemorate South Africa's Freedom Day. The celebration marks the day of the first post-apartheid elections; the day from which EVERYBODY over 18 could vote, regardless of race.

Fittingly, I've chosen to share with you the beautiful designs of fashion house, Stoned Cherrie, "a lovingly non-conformist revolutionary expression of freedom" (their own words!). Their eclectic colours, textures and wonderful quirkiness indeed express this spirit and energy. Enjoy …

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