Diana Opoti’s 100 Days of African Fashion



You may have already come across Diana Opoti's 100 Days of African Fashion digital campaign. Well, the challenge is soon coming to an end – today is Diana's 94th day. Find out more about her campaign and see what she's worn, here and on her Instagram feed, @dianaopoti.

Congratulations on a great campaign Diana!

Above, some of my favourites. Designers (clockwise from top left): Sindiso Khumalo, Bestow Elan and  Chichia London.



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Inspired: Fashion and Textile Design by Sindiso Khumalo

Sindiso Khumalo Prints Patterns Fashion Textiles

Womenswear textile designer, Sindiso Khumalo is interested in how the fashion textiles industry can create new possibilities and collaborations in the global fashion environment. The brand's vision is β€œto create a contemporary, modern, textile aesthetic that showcases both the craftsmanship and pushes new ground into future technologies within the textile environment.”

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