Rituals of Kindness: Bringing Mindfulness and Joy to Everyday Tasks

Rituals of Kindness

Today's fast-paced world can easily have you feeling like you don't have enough time. After working long hours, commuting to and from your office and indulging in your 'necessary' distraction of choice (often TV), you may feel like there aren't enough hours in the day to exercise, make a healthy meal, have a quiet/reflective moment, let alone catch up with family and friends. If you have children to care for, that's even fewer hours available for taking care of yourself.

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Dispatches from WOW 2012: Digital Tapestries

I was asked to participate in a WOW Bites session during the Southbank Centre's 2012 Women of the World Festival. Bites are short talks, inspiring ideas, achievements, obsessions, stories, performances, manifestos and more. I thought I'd share the essence of my bite with you.



One of the most satisfying outcomes of spending so much time online is discovering interesting people doing exciting and amazing things. In my time internetting, I have discovered several women, around the world, using the digital space to tell their stories and through this: creating relationships that transcend barriers such as geographical distance and class; building supportive and collaborative networks and communities; and making things happen for themselves, for others and ultimately, for us all.

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Africa at the Fringe

Every August, Edinburgh, Scotland is taken over by 100s (maybe 1000s) of arts and cultural events courtesy of various festivals. These include the Edinburgh International Festival and more famously, the incredibly diverse Edinburgh Festival Fringe – claiming to be "the largest, and greatest, arts festival in the world". There's just one week of this year's programme left but I thought I'd round up some of the Africa-related events to whet your appetite for the possibilities next year. 



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