African goddesses: Orisha Alchemy – a project story

African goddesses were an obvious choice of subject for me, given how I love to create African feminist work.

In addition, for a long time, I’ve been interested in religions and belief systems. Years ago, I started a blog dedicated to this exploration which, I used to create some art for.

My recently launched collection, Orisha Alchemy, picks up where that now inactive blog left off. In this post I share my inspiration, my process and the final creations. Continue reading “African goddesses: Orisha Alchemy – a project story”

Truth/quote of the week


“Altogether equal in importance to the truth, indeed, even more important than the truth, is the manner in which it is accepted — and it would not be of much use to lead thousands to accept the truth, if, precisely by the manner in which they accepted it, they were to find themselves excluded from it.”

Søren Kierkegaard, Philosopher

So many thoughts come to mind. Dictatorships – the obvious and the more subtle kinds; political ones, religious ones and cultural ones; led by individuals and by corporations. The medium is the message …