Mali independence day

The Republic of Mali celebrates 50 years of independence today.

Mali, specifically Bamako, is home to the Biennial of African Photography (Rencontres de Bamako – the site is en français and if you don't speak/read French, you can still enjoy the beautiful photos here.) Dubbed by Samuel Sidibé, Délégue Général at last year's event, as "one of the only places for African photography on the international scene," the event brought together 50 photographers and a handful of video artists from around the continent. You can read more about the 8th Biennial, and see more pictures, on the Nafas art magazine  website (in English).

Perhaps more well-known for its music, with musicians carrying on and evolving the griot tradition, below is a taste of Malian music to celebrate today:


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Côte d’Ivoire independence day



 Côte d'Ivoire also celebrates 50 years of independence today! 

Above, images above by young Ivorian photographer, Paul Sika, whose work has taken the world by storm.

Below, another phenomenon that has literally moved people everywhere – Coupé Décalé  song, "Aladji":

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Madagascar Independence Day


It's the golden anniversary of Madagascar's independence from France however, given the ongoing political crisis, celebrations may be bittersweet. Nevertheless, in the Afri-love spirit of reflection and optimism, we're celebrating with a taste of things Malagasy. 

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