Inspired: Provinces of South Africa Illustrations


I came across these beautiful illustrations through my colleague Kathryn, at Asilia. Visit the fantastic CreativeRoots blog to see more and also check out Radio, the Cape Town agency that made them.


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Week in review

I'm writing this yesterday, on my way to London and looking forward to the night's Iamthenublack meetup (which I'll blog about next week). I'm really excited about meeting in person, passionate Afri-loving people who I've gotten to know via Twitter and Facebook. Including the subject of this past week's interview – Phiona Okumu. It's truly wonderful that in this day and age, location is not a barrier in terms of finding and exchanging with like-minded people.

The North and Sub debate

And speaking of the technology and platforms that make this possible, we are increasingly exposed to millions of voices and viewpoints and, if we choose to, can interact directly with them. This week, I saw a tweet by somebody predicting that this year, African countries will follow in the footsteps of Arab countries and protest against their governments. When the gentleman referred to African countries, he meant sub-saharan countries and he had included the Northern African nations of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya, in the Arab countries category. 

I'm sure you've come across this before – Northern African countries not really being considered as part of Africa. Despite the undeniable geographic fact of the matter and, the fact that people have traveled across, up and down the sahara, so that influences from all sides stretch far and wide.

The aforementioned gentleman speaks of a united Africa but can't see how the Northern African countries can be considered part and parcel of the continent. I'm confused as to how this is reconciled. I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter…


On the lookout: WOW Arts Fair, 8th March


International Women's Day is almost here and to celebrate, Old Spitalfield Market in London is holding a Women of the World (WOW) Arts Fair. Female artists and craftspeople from around the world will be exhibiting their wares. There will also be a sales and trading training workshop and an appearance by Mel B of Spice Girls fame. I/Asilia had the pleasure of working with Hatch Events to design promotional material for the event.


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Image courtesy Phiona Okumu