World-a-Reggae: International Poster Exhibition hosted by Live Unchained



Live Unchained hosted an international reggae poster exhibition at the Embassy of Jamaica in Washington, DC. Featuring the best from over 2,000 entries from 90 countries, you're in for a visual treat.

Here are just a few pieces from last year and this year's exhibition:


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Women are Terrifying, Strange and Beautiful: In Celebration of International Women’s Day

Live Unchained Terrifying Strange Beautiful


Live Unchained is preparing to bring London-based Kenyan-born Somali poet and writer, Warsan Shire, to Washington, DC for the first Live Unchained annual awards ceremony, "Terrifying, Strange and Beautiful". If you've missed previous posts about Live Unchained  my collaborations with them and interviews, including one with co-founder and "Chief Visionary Officer" (love that!), Kathryn Buford, then you need to check out this international arts organisation for women across the African diaspora. 

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30 Unchained: 30 Creative Women from Across the Diaspora Inspire Live Unchained’s Interactive Anniversary Challenge

30 Days Live Unchained


If you've been reading the blog a while, you'll recall me mentioning Live Unchained – an initiative to celebrate women artists across the African Diaspora and represent our collective and individual creativity. As they approach their 4th anniversary, they're calling us to help celebrate with a series of creative challenges dubbed 30 Unchained (#30unchained). 

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Interview with Live Unchained Co-Founder, Kathryn Buford


I'm really excited about today's interview with Live Unchained Co-Founder and PhD candidate, Kathryn Buford. Live Unchained is a global arts and media initiative featuring black women artists and writers across the African diaspora. I virtually met Kathryn earlier this year when she approached me for an interview and since then, we've been exchanging ideas, finding opportunities to collaborate and sharing life experiences. Despite the thousands of miles between us, we've become friends and I'm really honoured to know this inspiring, intelligent, thoughtful woman and to share her story with you.

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You’re unchained when … (& bring Live Unchained to SXSW!)


I love collaborating with the wonderful peeps at arts and media initiative Live Unchained. I recently helped them design a PDF capturing the results from their recent "Media Muse" creative collab project. You can find out more about it, as well as download it for free, on their blog.

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Movements and bodies, in the spirit of living unchained

Everyone appears to want to live unchained. Whether they say they want to be rich, successful, famous, or the most seemingly  elusive of them all - free. Many consider
these things as fairly unattainable yet useful for target practice and anecdote. They are things that are relegated to someday if I'm lucky or eventually when...
When what? 
There is another story. One where we cast our eyes back to the present and realise that we are achieving wealth, success, acknowledgement and joy right now. The £20
note you find in the pocket of jeans you haven't worn for ages. The completion of that challenging and exciting project you've been working on. A thank you from
somebody who enjoyed the article we wrote or the point we made. Doing that thing we love that makes us feel on top of the world.
As simple as dancing. Existing within my body as an experience of creating and being art.
And the point of my long-winded reflection: I'm so happy to be collaborating with all the amazing women over at Live Unchained. Check out my guest post this week:
"Through my body, I live unchained."

Live Unchained interviews me about art and Afri-love


Live Unchained have published an interview with me, discussing art, vision and life unchained. I'm so honoured to be part of such a wonderful project. Check out their blog for the interview which, also includes a video (excuse the state of my studio! Um, and, um, gosh, my goofy expressions :).


Week in review and protecting time

Last week's plans to make more of a conscious effort to make time for myself were seriously thwarted this week. One result being that I didn't get to post as much as I usually do. I accept that I'm the kind of person who finds it very hard to say no and a lot of it has to do with overestimating my capacity for doing. I've decided on a new strategy as a solution to all of the above: if unsure as to whether to say "yes", I should simply just say "no". It's going to be hard but, it's absolutely necessary if I'm going to be able to continue creating, blogging and devoting time to being healthy and to continued self-discovery.

I'm always interested in exploring different approaches to jump-start my momentum and  and this week I'll be trying out Katie Tallo's Life Cleanse Starter Kit – a one week guide to gathering momentum (check it out here. Bonus: it's free). She quotes The Road Less Travelled author, M. Scott Peck, M.D.: 

"Until you value yourself, you won't value your time.
Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it."

How appropriate! What strategies have you used to protect your time?


On the lookout

This week I had the honour of being interviewed by Kathryn Buford, one of the founders of Live Unchained, a collaborative art project for black women across the African Diaspora. Kathryn and her co-founder, Miriam, have great ambitions for creating a rich platform for black female artists to express their diverse talents, identities and perspectives. One that will live online as well as through physical showcases and in print.

Not only is Kathryn such a positive, inspired  and inspiring person but, her questions were so valuable in that they reminded me why I do what I do, and reignited again, my passion for it. I think us human beings can be very forgetful this way so, it's great to give ourselves opportunities to check in with our hearts and remember our dreams and visions.

Support this great initiative by voting for Kathryn and Miriam to win support to develop Live Unchained as a non-profit organization.

I'll let you know when the interview is up and in the meantime check out their blog.


Last week on the blog


Here is a quick recap, in case you missed anything:


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Lulu x


Image above: designs by Lola Faturoti (see post for more details)