2014: The Year of Fearlessness



Happy new year everybody! I have an amazing feeling about this one – this moment is pregnant with the raw energy of a boiling pot of water that’s just about to pop its lid off! It’s that exciting.


Last year in review

stopped making resolutions a few years back. Instead, I pick a quality/action/intention to use as my guiding philosophy for the year. Last year it was kindness. The verdict:

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The One Word My Kids Will Learn First: Consistency


While you may not have seen it in the frequency of posts on the blog, consistency is all I’ve been thinking about in the past month. In true cosmic form, the theme of consistency came up everywhere I looked! In conversations, in books I read, in websites I stumbled upon and in running my business.

And it really got me thinking (and fired up) about the connection between consistency and possibility and success.

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9 Acts of Kindness


In consciously exploring how to be kinder to myself, I observe again and again, how forgetful I can be when it comes to remembering what’s in my best interest. To help evade such unkind amnesia and to encourage you to share your experiences and ideas (and because I love making lists), I’ve decided to keep a running list.

So here are my Acts of Kindness, #1 – #9 (in no particular order):

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Rituals of Kindness: Bringing Mindfulness and Joy to Everyday Tasks

Rituals of Kindness

Today's fast-paced world can easily have you feeling like you don't have enough time. After working long hours, commuting to and from your office and indulging in your 'necessary' distraction of choice (often TV), you may feel like there aren't enough hours in the day to exercise, make a healthy meal, have a quiet/reflective moment, let alone catch up with family and friends. If you have children to care for, that's even fewer hours available for taking care of yourself.

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