Jewellery by Katra Awad: Artist of Love




I recently came across jewellery designer, global nomad and artist of love, Katra Awad.

Born in California, raised in Europe and the Caribbean and of Egyptian and Hispanic roots, I love her perspective on creativity, in the grander scheme of wellness and love:




During one of my travels someone once said to me, "It is our responsibility in life to pursue our talents to the fullest extent & make every second count.” 

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Interview with multi-dimensional creative and champion of the “other” story, Afrolicious


I discovered shrine to all things brown and beautiful, Afrolicious, about 2 years ago and I've been crossing paths with the woman behind the screen name, Ann Daramola, ever since! We've collaborated across continents and oceans – working with Epic Change to create To Mama with Love and most recently, Asilia worked with Ann to design the logo for her accessory line, Ankara & Lace. One thing I absolutely love about following Ann on Twitter is the boundless energy, passion and positivity she exudes. This is one lady you need to follow/exchange with/know.

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Afri-love on Etsy – portrait edition


An overdue addition to the Etsy series – finds of all things Afri-love on the online community and marketplace. 

Top – Tuareg and Southern Nigerian Matryoshka art prints by AmyPerrotti; second row – magnets from Gypsydancers; third row – cards by Studio Flower Power; second last row –  and cut coin pendant by petsalad; bottom row – knitting bag craft apron by KOALACaddie.

Week in review and protecting time

Last week's plans to make more of a conscious effort to make time for myself were seriously thwarted this week. One result being that I didn't get to post as much as I usually do. I accept that I'm the kind of person who finds it very hard to say no and a lot of it has to do with overestimating my capacity for doing. I've decided on a new strategy as a solution to all of the above: if unsure as to whether to say "yes", I should simply just say "no". It's going to be hard but, it's absolutely necessary if I'm going to be able to continue creating, blogging and devoting time to being healthy and to continued self-discovery.

I'm always interested in exploring different approaches to jump-start my momentum and  and this week I'll be trying out Katie Tallo's Life Cleanse Starter Kit – a one week guide to gathering momentum (check it out here. Bonus: it's free). She quotes The Road Less Travelled author, M. Scott Peck, M.D.: 

"Until you value yourself, you won't value your time.
Until you value your time, you will not do anything with it."

How appropriate! What strategies have you used to protect your time?


On the lookout

This week I had the honour of being interviewed by Kathryn Buford, one of the founders of Live Unchained, a collaborative art project for black women across the African Diaspora. Kathryn and her co-founder, Miriam, have great ambitions for creating a rich platform for black female artists to express their diverse talents, identities and perspectives. One that will live online as well as through physical showcases and in print.

Not only is Kathryn such a positive, inspired  and inspiring person but, her questions were so valuable in that they reminded me why I do what I do, and reignited again, my passion for it. I think us human beings can be very forgetful this way so, it's great to give ourselves opportunities to check in with our hearts and remember our dreams and visions.

Support this great initiative by voting for Kathryn and Miriam to win support to develop Live Unchained as a non-profit organization.

I'll let you know when the interview is up and in the meantime check out their blog.


Last week on the blog


Here is a quick recap, in case you missed anything:


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Lulu x


Image above: designs by Lola Faturoti (see post for more details)



Interview with Erika Freund of Mikuti


Banana bracelets CU

I was recently ogling, as I do, some bracelets made from banana trees (a true Chagga girl am I!). It was then that I discovered Mikuti, a socially active company that creates unique pieces of jewelry, as well as an income for people living in the Meru District of Tanzania. I had the opportunity to interview the project's founder, Erika Freund.

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The 9 most popular Afri-love posts in 2010


I started this blog in June this year as an outlet for my passion for Africa and for the arts, culture and self-investigation. I've thoroughly enjoyed the many hours I've put into creating the content and I'm ever grateful for all the time you've put into reading, commenting, appreciating and sharing.

I posted a similar round-up a little while ago, on the blog's 5 month anniversary (yes, arbitrary I know). It does make a bit more sense to do so at the end of the year so, particularly for the benefit of all the new readers (welcome!), here are the 9 posts that were most visited in 2010. Common themes: art, hair and fashion…

Inspired by Dimitra Tzanos whose Greek and South African experiences were brought together in her design project "For the Love of Africa" (image above)

Le Coil: photography celebrating the beauty of afro hair 


The debut post in the Afri-love interview series: a spotlight on Chief Nyamweya, the artist behind Emergency Web Comic


The bold and beautiful Africa-inspired accessories designed by Rachel Stewart


An interview with enterprising designer, Mkuki Bgoya of Kina Klothing


Pilgrimages: illustration inspired by the ambitious literary project; writing interrogating the limits of our self-knowledge


The first post chronicling the third round of my natural hair journey 

Before before picture

An interview with Lesley of Ododo Originals whose passion is in full bloom


Female Relations: a peek at a painting series I recently exhibited



Images from top: design by Dimitra Tzanos; photo by Jamala Johns; illustration by Chief Nyamweya; photo courtesy Rachel Stewart; photo courtesy Mkuki Bgoya; illustrations by Lulu Kitololo; photo by Lulu Kitololo; photo courtesy of Lesley/Ododo Originals; painting by Lulu Kitololo.

Week in review





I don't know about you but, I'm properly in holiday mode. Something about this time of year is so special – most people are in high spirits and positive vibes abound. This is often true regardless of whether you celebrate Christmas or not, regardless of whether you're in below minus weather or in the sunny tropics. With the busy lifestyles many of us lead nowadays, it sometimes feels like we need to justify making time to just relax, unwind and reconnect with what and who really matters. This season is the perfect time for this. And hopefully, for discovering that exhaling is vital and can be a more regular part of our lives in the new year. That's what I'll be reflecting on!

Here is a round-up of all of last week's posts, in case you missed anything:

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Next week, look out for:

  • Quote of the week
  • Inspiration from an artist with outstanding diligence whose craft transformed his home, one inch at a time
  • An interview with an entrepreneurial designer who brings spring to every season
  • How the arts are bringing change and unity to a group of women in East Africa
  • Celebrating Libya's independence day
  • TGIF! Mali meets Cuba

Have a fantastic week! Be proud and be inspired.



Images from top: Designs by Dimitra Tzanos; Senegalese Fixe crafts from Swahili Imports; A couple of albums from this month's installment of album art; Etsy finds by MusoMasiri (left) and HazelsHouse – see the post for more. 



Week in review






I've had a great many interesting conversations this week. Observing the extreme ways in which people respond to ostracization – becoming their best selves or retreating inwards with destructive results. Debating whether seeking numbness is ever positive or healthy. Discussing herd mentality and how several corporate systems (in the widest sense: commercial enterprises, religious institutions etc.) ignore the uniqueness of individuals resulting in missed opportunities and individuals unable to fully realise who they really are. I'll be blogging about more of these subjects soon. In the meantime, here's a round-up of last week's posts, in case you missed anything:

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Feedback is incredibly useful to me so, please drop me a line with any comments, suggestions, ideas etc.

Next week, look out for:

  • Quote of the week
  • A worldwide celebration of thanks…
  • Design inspiration from a South African illustrator
  • An interview with a US-based artist with a powerful story (and absolutely beautiful paintings)
  • Inspiration from that classic book, Africa Adorned
  • Reflections
  • TGIF!

Have a fantastic week! Be proud and be inspired.


Images, starting 2nd from top: old-school album art, necklace by Made, still from a Serengeti Studio production, Moroccan inspiration.