In Technicolour: My Winter Colour Palette



In January, I noticed a trend in the photos I was taking – there were a lot of peachy, coral colours alongside different shades of green. I love this combination of colours and can't wait to apply it to some illustrations or designs.

It's freezing and grey outside so, I'm just happy that my spirit is still vibrating on a more vibrant frequency!

What colours are speaking to you right now?

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In Technicolour: Turquoise Colour Palettes Inspired by Wax Print



Wax print, and African textiles in general, are often such a great inspiration for me when it comes to my design work, making art and being crafty in general. The shapes, the patterns and of course, the colour combinations! The ‘In Technicolour’ series continues and this time round I've got 3 palettes for you, drawing from predominantly turquoise prints.

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In technicolour: earthy brights


Something colourful for your Monday: the second installment of the "in technicolour" series. Inspired by this great wax print that I bought in Nairobi years ago (and have been meaning to make an outfit from since!).

Today's colours (from left to right): PMS 155, PMS 362, PMS 116, PMS 7449. 

Have a fab week everybody.

In technicolour: debut post!


In my "day job," I work as a designer. I have had the great opportunity, especially lately, to work on several projects that promote the idea of Afri-love (I'll be sharing some soon). In many cases, the brief requires an aesthetic that says Africa without conjuring up the cliché images that many associate with the continent. While Africa has great artistic and cultural traditions that have become iconic around the world – for example relating to sculpture and fashion – the continent's creative expression is so much wider than just these. There is a new generation of imagination and talent that is clamouring to prove this.

That is often part of my challenge as a designer. How to draw from the wealth of tradition and at the same time, say something new. Colour plays a big part of it. I'm often experimenting with putting together palettes that express the vibrance of Africa, without being limited to the stereotypical red, yellow, black and green.

Today I present the first in a new series of posts – Africa-inspired colour palettes. Here I combine my love of textiles and accessories; my colour explorations and; inspiration drawn from the Simply Color series of posts, on the Design*Sponge blog (which is excellent for design and creative inspiration in general).

Today's colours (from left to right): PMS 608, PMS 296, PMS Yellow 012 and PMS Rubine Red.